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 Cramer Mountain Golf Course 

The Cramer Mountain Club is a hidden gem located just 16 miles west of Charlotte. Designed in 1985 by the legendary Maples family, 184 acres of raw land was the canvas Dan Maples used to create his masterpiece. Our Charlotte golf club is the only course in the area that offers extreme elevation changes; each hole is unique, allowing you to feel like you have escaped from the city and stress of life. We believe that this detail sets us apart from other courses in the area. We are all about the experience; we make sure our members enjoy their round of golf whether they are playing competitively or just enjoying a game with friends and family.

A round of golf at Cramer Mountain is challenging, exciting and truly memorable. Playing 6,456 yards from the black tees, the length of the course is not daunting, however, the topography and challenging shot-making make us one of the best golf clubs in Charlotte, NC. Improve your swing and become a better golfer while practicing at our course. The challenges that our golf course presents allow you to push yourself beyond your limits. Golf is about precise muscle controlóhit too hard, you overshoot the mark, hit too weak, you miss your mark. By practicing challenging shots, you control different muscles properly and improve your skills.

The golf course was re-energized by improvements in 2014. This task was undertaken by Head Superintendent Paul Stroman and Golf Course Services INC. With an amazing resume of improvements to courses like Augusta National and Quail Hollow, the renovations are outstanding and allowed us to become one of the premier golf clubs in Charlotte!

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2017 Cramer Mountain Golf Schedule

 March 25 (Saturday) Season Opener - 4man teams - 2man best ball ***MGA Event***


April 8 (Saturday) Masters Tournament - Individual Stableford format


May 5 (Friday 1pm) One Day Member/Guest ***MGA Event***


May 13 (Saturday) Match Play Qualifying Tournament (Set Brackets) ***MGA Event***

(Matches should begin on May 15th and Winner should be declared by November 1)


May 29 (Monday) Memorial Day Tournament - Flag Day


June 17 (Saturday) US Open Tournament -


June 24 (Saturday) Adult/Junior Tournament - 9 holes


July 4th (Tuesday) Red, White and Blue - 4 or 2 man teams


July 15 (Saturday) Adult/Junior Tournament - 9 holes


July 22nd (Saturday) British Open Tournament - 2 man teams - Modified alternate shot


August 5 (Saturday) Adult/Junior Tournament - 9 holes


August 11 (Friday 1pm) One Day Member/Guest ***MGA Event***


August 19 & 20 (Saturday and Sunday) Menís Club Championship ***MGA Event***


August 20 (Sunday) Womenís Club Championship


September 4 (Monday) Labor Day Tournament - 4 man captainís choice


September 16 & 17 (Saturday & Sunday) - CMC Invitational - 2man teams from surrounding courses ***MGA Event***  Saturday - 2man modified alternate shot  Sunday - best ball


October 5 & 6 (Saturday & Sunday) - Member/Guest (Format to be determined)


October 28 & 29  Cramer Cup (Have to qualify to play)


November 18 (Saturday) Season Closer - 4 manís captains choice